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7 Easy Tips for Dealing With Fan page

See a lot of people around the business through fan page, you must also jealous want the same online business. You can see, many housewives, university students, even my aunt, my aunt who was a 50 year old can do business through the fan page.

So, why do not you also use fan page to generate revenue?

If you have no idea what you want to sell, do not know the step by step to get started, then this article was written to help you get an initial idea of how to do business through the fan page.

So without delay we see the things you should do:

Tip 1: Choose Products With A Broad Market

Maybe it has a competitive product of its own. But believe me if the product has a very broad market, then God willing you can sell well if it touched on its way.

Therefore, choose a product that has a large market to promote your fan page on facebook. Have an idea?

See what really sold on facebook. I provide a few ideas for you. If according to the research and advice that is given by a otai, he choose a product that has to do with women. I do not deny that this advice also is a millionaire who sell products to women despite the fact that he is a man

According to him, if you select the product for which the average buyer is female, then you will easily get the sale. This is because the average buyer on the internet, especially on Facebook, according to his experience, was more women. For example, if you sell a product to get rid of acne, although this problem happens to men and women, but women are more into buyers.

It was as if you are promoting the product to 10 men, maybe 4 or 5 would buy, if you promote to women, perhaps only one who did not buy. Well, women just love shopping, it's all you know?

Among other products that you can sell the product in connection with the baby, clothing, or books. Any book can?

Yes, it can.

I personally never bought an Islamic book of a fan page on facebook. You can also see fan page that sell gadgets and computer equipment also well-received. If the Include, what you want to sell a successful, God willing, will surely long as you use the right marketing and how you respond to customers are also effective.

Tip 2: Use a Compatible name for Fan page 

Fan page name also plays a role yet to brand your business. If you have a particular brand, as well as the product name. For example, if you sell baby clothes, you may be able to name your business name Rozana Baby Clothes. Rozana is your name and shirt baby refer to your product.

Put the name of the product on behalf fan page can also attract people more easily than you put the name of your fan page like Rozana Shop. Rozana store may refer to the sale of chips or shoes or medicine, maybe?

For the long run, God willing fan page you can also be on the front page of google search for the keyword baby clothes. This is a suggestion for those of you who want to choose a name fan page. Similarly, if you sell books, Islamic books instance. You can use fan page naam Islamic Bookstore to your page.
Tip 3: Complete Profile Fan page

Do not let fan page looks very worn without the added profile picture or page header. Make it a unique online shop and attractive in terms of display design.

Therefore, use a unique profile picture, an interesting timeline header and also fill in the space about your fan page. If you sell baby clothes, you may be able to use a picture of a baby as a profile picture.

Outside there are also many services that provide design services offer facebook timeline. You can look at fiverr for example. I see there are many website designers are able to provide design fiverr timeline with results that are very unique and beautiful. Therefore, do not be afraid to invest money of around USD 5 to get a unique timeline.

The unique Timeline can also attract the attention and confidence of buyers to buy with you than you leave the default timeline without any additional fees.

The room was about, enter information about yourself as where you do your work from your home, such as in Bangi to or you have a small shop in Shah Alam to ?. Include your email, phone numbers that may be in contact without sending a private message.

If you have a special website such as blog, you can also enter the area about.

With a complete profile, you can build the confidence of the public to buy and you are viewed as a serious business arrangement. So do not forget about the room complete this before you do promotional work.
Tip 4: Post Free Tips

This is always recommended by many who had long otai trade through fan page. They are in no hurry to continue to promote their products through the fan page. For them, build credibility fan page itself is first thing that needs to be done.

What they suggest is that, for the post of the first free tips on fan page. These tips are then free to be promoted through Facebook ads. It sounds like a waste of money. But this method is very effective for long-term business.

For example, if you sell products related to slimming, you can create a post related to the cause of weight problems. The posting may be done in the form of images, text or even video. Use Facebook ads to draw more like. Preferably pull more like advance post for free.

At this stage, you are suggested to do a post very helpful and facebook users are usually easy to make sharing when they felt it very beneficial. So in this way, you not only get like via facebook ads, even through viral sharing the public as well.

For example, I was recently drawn to a post related to infant care for mothers shared by a friend at facebook. When I read that post, I felt tempted to want to see the page to post to it.

Apparently fan page it sells many products babies. So why have admin page for posting on baby care. See?

The post has nothing to do with the product but if they make the free sharing in their niche to the public, then it can attract many people. I'm sure many mothers who like the fan page. In addition to selling products, there are also many helpful tips that people can follow.

So, you can also do the same way. Make your fan page not only to sell products, but a place to share tips useful to many people. Hopefully when your fan page viewed as "experts" for always giving good input, then what you're selling, there would be wanting to buy because in the early stages, you are able to attract their trust.
Tip 5: Post to Sell

Once you feel posts related free shares are already in about 1 week about, maybe at this stage, you are able to reach about 5,000 to 10,000 like like.

According to one experienced IM, using free tips on mixkan with facebook posting ads, like he was able to reach up to 1,000 a day. It was a number of very much.

I am sure, other than on facebook ads, posting viral applicable also to attract more people to like her page. So, in this way, you can get like quality, and quality like God willing will get higher sales. Why?

Because you do not force other people to like your fan page, you do not use robots or scripts which Facebook users accidentally terlike your page. Everything happened naturally.

So to this point, you already can do a posting to sell. Remember! Make a post related to your product only. If you have a fan page that sell baby clothes, he does not strike suddenly turn out products related to the laptop. Do not mix up the sales niche in a fan page, cherish those who like your fan page.

To post sell, what can you offer?

You can use text or image or video, it is up. However, this post also need to diversify. For example, if you sell the set to get rid of acne, you can use your own images testimony that use of the product. Images in the form of testimony before and after desperately impact and impact to the public. The woman on facebook online can also be melted and want to quickly make payments when you see this post.

Luqman brothers have written articles about tips on how you can use the technique of images before and after the advertising process. I highly recommend you to read through this link:

Before and After The Latest Marketing Techniques Convince

You can learn from other seller how they do post sales through their fan page. If you want to use images of products, be sure to use a white background for your products the more striking. Pictures taken professional manner can also make a post look more attractive.
Tip 6: Use Facebook ads

Does not deny that the use of facebook ads can boost sales fan page so terrible at all. I can list here some IM becomes a millionaire by doing business through facebook. Believe me, facebook fan page and ads are set combo helpful in your business.

Here, you are suggested to choose the right prospects for your selling. Finally, the facebook already provides special tools for dealers to find prospects that fit with their products. Facebook ads is a technical topic to be discussed. I suggest you read the blog Jamal sifu Facebook ads to read basic science. If you want more advance, present themselves to his seminar facebook ads.

Tip 7: Management Store your Fan page

You definitely rained on with various questions about the product that you are promoting in the fan page. You are suggested to calm in the face of some things like taking orders, packs the goods, send the goods and provide answers to all questions.

If possible, develop self-care team working to serve our customers, wrap the item and take charge. If you do dropship business, it can manage already in release of goods to the supplier.

After buyers got the goods, their follow up, wondering whether the goods are received OK or not. Make them respond testimony in fan page for your business is. Put all the testimony screen print in one folder. The more testimony, the greater the confidence that you will receive from more Facebook users.

The greater your chances of expanding sales. Wow!

OK, that's simple tips for you to do business in the facebook fan page. Hopefully one day you will succeed as an internet entrepreneur.
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