Thursday, March 13, 2008

Streamyx Combo Recommender

Simply tell us which one of this option fits into your need and lifestyle. Streamyx Combo package recommender will find out your match.

Package and Type of User

Streamyx Combo 384kbps
(RM60 per month)

- Do not really require fast speed.
- The needs are just to use email and do normal web browsing for unlimited time.

Streamyx Combo 512kbps
(RM90 per month)

- Require not so fast and not so low speed.
- To download few mp3s from internet, use to upload photos online.

Streamyx Combo 1Mbps
(RM110 per month)

- Require a fast speed so that can view online video streaming and use internet webcam.
- Can do faster download and upload via website, ftp and other direct download.

Streamyx Combo 2Mbps
(RM140 per month)

- Require super fast internet speed.
- Always use online video / audio streaming
- For faster download. E.g. movie files.
- Online gaming

Streamyx Combo 4Mbps
(RM160 per month)

- Require extremely fast internet speed.
- For online gaming and large file download / upload.
Plan Tambahan
Add On Voice Plan RM28 per month for any Streamyx Combo packages.
- Love to talk via TM Homeline phone for a long time with friends and family without worrying on additional charges.

Add On any Value Added Services packages for any Streamyx Combo packages.
- Require protector for PC from virus and spamming.
- Require filtering adult content to children.

Add On Fun package for any Streamyx Combo package.
- Require variety of content and applications.
- Need news, entertainment that suitable for any age group


p/s: ermm.. bunyi iklan tu macam menarik tapi aku konfius nak pilih yang kalau ade kekawan yang sudi bagi suggestion..sila lah.. :?

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  1. nak komen pun tak reti bab2 tenet yg kitaorg pny kira ok la..nak kata slow tu tak la..RM77 512kbps...baik p jmp sndiri org tm point..